Mother and Motherhood

It was only pretty recently that “Mother’s Day” has gone by and just to write a personal letter I tried looking up the various descriptions of Motherhood and was somehow surprised about how restrictively we define it!

Motherhood is defined as something so pure,graceful, elegant and a strong willed woman no doubt but the descriptions for Mother as roped into by the patriarchal, oppressive are regressive.

These include dependable, docile,forgiving,god-fearing, graceful, great cook, hardworking,ladylike, loyal,loving, nurturing, patient,poised, role-model, sweet tempered,sympathetic,thoughtful,trustworthy,uncompromising,unconditional and loving,understanding,unselfish,upright,well mannered.

Isn't it appearing so convenient and tailored in an extreme manner, it is a sophisticated way on how a mother is defined!

“All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe it to my angel mother” — Abraham Lincoln

I wish, just like the great Abraham Lincoln mentioned his mother was an angel that motherhood were so easy, and all the mother’s are angels meant to do all the work from morning till night, without taking a break. But no, it is not, I can blame it on patriarchy, on mother’s not being assertive or I can blame it you and I will blame it on me. It is us who have taken her for granted and generalizing the Indian scenario, its the case with all the other thousand families out there. This lockdown has only pushed the threshold of the definition of Motherhood as she never has “time” for herself.

She is working beside the clock and never ever is assertive. Yes, even now in the 21st century they are neglected and no amount of preaching has created any difference in their lives!

Let us come forth me and you and help #Moms in our life in any way possible. But not in just words, in actions!

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