It was only pretty recently that “Mother’s Day” has gone by and just to write a personal letter I tried looking up the various descriptions of Motherhood and was somehow surprised about how restrictively we define it!

Motherhood is defined as something so pure,graceful, elegant and a strong willed woman no doubt but the descriptions for Mother as roped into by the patriarchal, oppressive are regressive.

These include dependable, docile,forgiving,god-fearing, graceful, great cook, hardworking,ladylike, loyal,loving, nurturing, patient,poised, role-model, sweet tempered,sympathetic,thoughtful,trustworthy,uncompromising,unconditional and loving,understanding,unselfish,upright,well mannered.

Isn't it appearing so convenient and tailored in an extreme manner, it is a sophisticated way on…

soujanya .N

A student pursuing English majors with lots of stories to tell!! From imaginative stories to hard-hitting reality! Do read my stories to get know more about me.

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